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Think about it: What if every girl and woman learned to love her body? About-Face helps women and girls understand and resist media messages that negatively affect their self-esteem and body image.

Coastal Studies for Girls 

The country’s first residential science and leadership semester school for 10th grade girls. Coastal Studies girls have a love for learning and discovery, an adventurous spirit, and a desire to challenge themselves. Pull on your clam boots and back-packs to explore our classroom — Maine’s tidal pools and mountains.

Girls Leadership Institute 

The Girls Leadership Institute inspires girls to be true to themselves. We teach the practices of emotional intelligence, assertive self-expression and healthy relationships, giving girls the skills and confidence to live as leaders. We work with girls, their families and educational communities through our camps, workshops and training programs.

Girls Learn International 

Girls Learn International, Inc. (GLI) pairs American middle and high school-based Chapters with Partner Schools in countries where girls have traditionally been denied access to education. The GLI Program gives students the opportunity to explore issues affecting girls in the context of global human rights, promotes cross-cultural understanding and communication, and trains girls to be leaders and advocates for positive social change.

Harmony Garden

Women are born with many natural gifts! We are the cornerstone of families, the glue to relationships, we protect the arts and we see the injustice in the world. Harmony Garden builds collective community efforts that grow healthy girls to ensure the future health and wellness of our communities.

National Coalition of Girls’ Schools 

The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools envisions a worldwhere every girl will have access to the education and resources she needs to develop into a competent and confident woman, one who is equipped to assume whatever role she seeks for herself, wherever in the world. NCGS is a membership organization representing over 50,000 female students in over 147 public, parochial and independent schools across the U.S. and abroad.

New Moon Girls 

The fun, safe & supportive community for girls ages 8-14. Inspiring self-expression and creativity online and in the magazine.

Pigtail Pals 

Pigtail Pals t-shirts were created to show girls they can do all the stuff we tell the boys to do. Race a car, fly a jet, direct a movie, become a firefighter or a doctor… girls can do it too. Pigtail Pals uses bold color on super soft tees to show girls of all ages that they can be smart, daring, and adventurous. Gender stereotypes stop here because we are Redefining Girly!

Project Girl 

Some say it’s Mission Impossible. Dialing back control imposed by commercial media marketers over the lives of girls is the critical quest undertaken by Project Girl in alliance with the only superpower strong enough to give the mission a fighting chance in the marketing targets themselves and adolescent girls.

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